Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Meeting Of The Minds (Innkeeper Minds That Is!)

Sunday June 13, 2010 89/77 degrees, moon- new/waxing

A few evenings ago the Beach side Pergola of the Windemere Inn was the meeting spot for the first gathering of the Area Innkeepers. I had invited all of the Innkeepers, new and prospective. Bambi and Andy, the new owners of Crane Creek Inn in the historic district of Melbourne, and Jeanne and Richard, who have yet to break ground on their restoration and addition to a historic home they have owned in the historic district of Melbourne beach (Sea Glass Bed and Breakfast) gladly accepted the invitation.

It was a perfect evening, breezy with the sea ablaze with sparkles from the late afternoon sun. We shared wine and hors d'oeuvres and the most interesting conversation including becoming an Innkeeper, restoration and remodeling, breakfast menus, and on an on. Each Inn, and prospective Inn, is totally unique. Crane Creek Inn has four guest rooms, a pool, is right on the river and ideally located to walk to shopping, dining, and events in the Historic District. When it opens, Sea Glass Bed and Breakfast will have about eight rooms, and is adjacent to a pier on the Intercoastal, across from a lovely park and recreation complex, convenient to dining and an easy walk to the beach.

Each Innkeeper is in a different stage of Innkeeping. Being the most experienced Innkeeper, and the longest working as an Innkeeper, I was the target for questions and ideas. As I listened to my own responses I realized that, at Windemere, everything truly revolves around the guests. Everything. Every decision, every dime spent, everything.

That, I am sure, is why Windemere is so loved by return guests, first time guest, staff and the community. It is all about our guests.

Recently a guest checked out after a four night stay and said to me "When you look up the word paradise in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Windemere."

I look forward to the next time we can all get together and share the joys and sorrows of Innkeeping!

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  1. Great read. It says a lot about your inn and commitment to your guests when you stated that "everything truly revolves around the guest". It's great that you and other innkeepers share community, tips, and recipes to ensure that guests of all inns are well taken care of. How has your 2012 season treated you thus far?